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March 30 2017

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Processed with Photoshop CC. Photo(s) are not mine; it/they are the property of the photographer/magazine etc. This is a non-commercial fan work only.

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I can’t believe these photos came from the same photoshoot

Michael in Austin TX, Oct. 2016

BY Charlie Gray, for The Official Ferrari Magazine

x , x

March 08 2017

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Michael Fassbender, inspiring impure thoughts since 2004 : herearebeautifulmen.tumblr.com

February 20 2017


What If?



Author: just-call-me-mrs-captain
Featuring: reader x Chris Evans x Sebastian Stan (no m/m)
Shot/word count: one-shot; 3612 words.
Rating: Explicit smut


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Sink Your Teeth Into My Flesh


Title: Sink Your Teeth Into My Flesh

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: rated NSFW, SMUT, no plot at all, Rough Chris, Spanking, Oral Sex, unprotected sex[Wrap It Before You Tap It]

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Indecent Proposal


Words- 5,392

Author- SebastianSin-221B

Pairing- Sebastian Stan/Chris Evans/Reader(No M/M)

Rating- Explicit; 18+

I’m holding a microphone, during a San Diego Comic Con Marvel panel, listening to Sebastian Stan answer my question, and I cant for the life of me remember what that question was.

Apparently being starstruck is indeed a real thing, who knew? Laughter from the audience and panel pull me back into the moment, and I look up to see Seb with twinkling eyes, smiling around his words.

Goddamn he is gorgeous.

“Seriously though, that was an amazing question, score one for you.” he enthuses.

I tip my head and blush.

Sebastian Stan just paid me a compliment, freakin’ sue me. My head snaps back up though when I hear what is unmistakably Chris Evans’ voice.

Ugh, seriously with the gorgeousness. I’m starting to think Marvel actually does make these guys in a lab. Looking at this man is something akin to staring into a very buff, very tan, very unnecessarily broad shouldered sun.

“I just wanna say, I love your cosplay. I’m pretty sure Nat doesn’t blush though, so you might want to work on that one.”

A collective chuckle rumbles through the audience and he winks at me.

“Flushing’s not always a sign of embarrassment Cap.” I toss back, tilting my head and smirking when he quirks that fucking eyebrow at me. You know the one. “The eyebrow that flooded panties around the world” is what I’ve taken to calling it. I can’t help but to full out laugh when Sebastian snickers and mutters “Snarky.” While nudging Chris in the ribs with his elbow.

I throw him a deliberately coy smile, pass the microphone to the next person in line, and make my way back to my friends.

I just flirted with Captain America, and Bucky Barnes backed me up… Life is fucking good.

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February 19 2017


Coffee Confessions - Chris Evans Imagine


This is the cheesiest title but whatever XD 

Summary: An ideal fourth date in February? Simple. A cup of coffee and maybe a confession or two that Chris has been keeping from you for long enough. He couldn’t wait another moment to tell you that he saw as the stars aligning for him; the moment he met you. 

Requests? Open - (ask here!)

Here are my two prompt lists if you want to request one from there: Prompt One / Prompt Two  - My Masterlist -  Chris Evans / Steve Rogers Masterlist

Warnings? Fluffy!AF  / CutiePieChris / 

People: Chris / You


“Now, remind me again why we are doing this?”

“Because! Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“I give you something that you’re allergic to and you die on my account and your fans stampede to my house and then they kill me too.”

“You’re quite creative…”

You shrugged and looked down at your dirty boots, “Some would call me cynical.” Chris smiled and just shook his head laughing quietly to himself. “Well, cynically creative it is then.” 

A small smile on your face. He just grins down at you then looks up at the menu.“Okay, well I’m only allergic to two things; Shrimp, and Cats. So if you find a shrimp cocktail on the Starbucks menu, I suggest you divert to another food.”  A giggle flew out of your mouth, making the two dimples on the apples of your cheeks strike Chris’s eye. He looked in your direction as you stared up at the menu above the Barista when he saw the beauty next to him chuckling at his allergies. Chris looked at you, with a spark in his eyes, “What!”

“Shrimp? Really? Interesting…”

“Oh, well Ms. Perfect, what allergies do you have?”

“I’m allergic to men who wear t0o much Axe body spray.” Chris bellowed out a laugh and didn’t receive a wink of attention from anyone inside the cramped Starbucks.

It was a busy Monday morning in Manhattan, people didn’t have time to glare at the happy couple on a weird ‘eight in the morning on Monday’ date.

Slinging his arm over your shoulder, Chris brought you closer as soon as you two finally reached the register. Suddenly it felt a hundred degrees hotter in here than it did a second ago.

When you ordered for Chris you decided to get him an Americano iced, with milk and one sugar. Adding a cake pop to your order, much to Chris’s amusement. He knew that you’d steal it from him later.

“I’ll have a Venti, Iced Caramel Macchiato with skim milk, and one slice of lemon bread to go, please.”

Your mouth must’ve hit the dirty Starbuck’s floor once he finished his order. You looked at Chris and saw he was amused by your expression when he glanced down at you, out of the corner of his eye.

“How the hell did you know that was what I liked?”

“Babe, we’ve gone on three dates and I’ve known you for what, a year now? If it’s mid-spring, and you aren’t wearing a jacket it’s an Iced Caramel Macchiato with skim milk, but you hate the thickness of regular milk, and lemon bread because it’s fucking awesome. No matter how much hate lemon bread gets, you’d defend it to your last dying breath.”

“I just don’t understand why this generation has no respect for lemon bread. It’s disgraceful!” Smiling down at you, he rests his head on top of yours as you two wait for your orders to be filled in the sea of busy Bostonian’s.

“So, what does your daily horoscope say today…” He peaked over and smiled, leaning back so people couldn’t get a good look at his face. He didn’t want to be recognized on your date, he wanted it to be just you two.

“What does it say?”

“Well, Miss. Aquarius, you are having a five-star day- and hey! So am I, the Gentle and Genuinely Handsome Gemini, if I may add.” Rolling your eyes, you put your hand on your hip, rolling your hand forward for him to continue. “It says; Wait for opportunities to come your way. You are waiting for a sign but you will not receive one unless you shoot for your goals. You are going to cross paths with…” He pauses for a second and smiles, leaning back as he looks at you. “What? I’m gonna cross paths with what?”

“The love of your life.” He says quietly.

You stopped for a second, and don’t even care when your name is rung out, “Order for Steve and order for James.”

Your eyes are wide, even while Chris moves to grab both your orders, “It says that?” Chris nodded, bringing you the lemon bread and iced drink.


“Well, what does your’s say?”

Chris sighed in content, pulling the door to the streets of Pant Suits and Cabbie’s yelling at one another. As the harsh winter air hit your faces, the breeze takes your hair back. Brushing the curly strands off of your shoulders that we’re covered in a simple black peacoat. “It said, ‘Gemini, you have already met your one and only. Don’t let them walk away without telling them how you feel or it will haunt you. You’ll regret it the moment they turn away into another lover’s arms.’”

Smiling down at you while you two start the short walk back to his apartment, Chris couldn’t help but a breath escapes him at the side of your perfect, pinched pink cheeks and puckered lips from being chapped from the vicious blowing winds.   “Well do you think your horoscope is true?”

“Hell yeah…” Chris answered you coolly, although a wave of anxiety hit him when he paused for a second before shooting a glance at you and quietly repeating you back your question, “Do you?”

You don’t need to look up from your lemon bread to know he’s watching you, you could just feel the love of his eyes bearing deep into your heart, making it pump blood faster every time those blue eyes were looking in your direction. With a small sip of your drink to let the bread go down easily, you reply confidently to Chris, not even skipping a step. “Fuck yeah.”

Smiling at you no longer feels like enough for him, so letting all fucks fly into the wind, he stood in front of you and bent down to land an impassioned kiss on your stinging lips that now just felt numb. Numb with a bee’s sting of love.

Chris was kissing you at the traffic light, not bothering to worry whether the world was watching or not. When the walkers started across the street, your lips parted from each other and Chris guided you along, letting you lean on him as a bit of support. Still in shock of the electricity that now coursed through your veins bled straight into your heart. Your brain was a haze by the moment you two just shared with a thousand other people on the corner of Village Street.

Together, you walk silently now, no longer feeling the need to fill the silence. The sky was blue and the sun had risen high above you two. Feeling his hand reach yours, you hooked your fingers with his and felt them grasp stronger, intertwining his fingers with yours. Chris was clutching onto you as if he was gonna lose you in the bustling crowd. Suddenly it felt like your safety came before his own on the bustling streets.

After a while, when you finally reached his apartment, you two sat down and relax for a second with Dodger begging to play fetch with his favorite toy, a rubber turtle that didn’t bounce that bad but let Dodger get in a bit of a good exercise until you’d take him down to Berrington Park.

Chris suddenly gives you the look of the joker, with a wide grin that could almost appear as sinister.  He was too cute to be sinister, though.  You took a bite of the lemon bread that was barely left. You had one, maybe two bites before it’d be done. Scarfing it down in what you knew would be very unflattering paparazzi photos soon.

“You made those horoscopes up, didn’t you?” Smirking, Chris nods, taking an unauthorized sip of your macchiato. Not that you cared or anything.

“What did yours really say, Chris?”

“It said…I’d  fall in love with a lemon head.” Smacking him on the arm, you giggle before surprising him and bringing him forward with your hand on the back of his head.

“Your such a clown sometimes, Christopher.”

“Some call it more sarcastic or dry.”

A soft smile fell onto your lips as you press them barely to Chris’s. He felt like a feather now laid on his lips. Setting the two drinks on the coffee table, you just barely mumbled into his kiss as those large, beautiful, slightly chapped  lips brought you in, “The Sarcastically Dry Comedian it is then.”

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Chris Evans for InStyle magazine.

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Questions were being asked all around and the moment you saw your daughters hand go up into the air, you froze.

The volunteer came to her immediately, with mic up to her face.

You could feel your stomach begin to churn. You had no idea what was about to happen.

“Hi.” She smiled.

All the captain America cast all awed and smiled back at her. Both Chris Evans and RDJ were expressing how adorable they thought she was, which you couldn’t help but chuckle.

“How are you sweetheart?” Robert asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and huffed. “I’m okay. How are you?”

The crowd bursted out into laughter, Chris leaned into the mic, “who are you here with?”

“My mommy. I asked her to take me here so I can ask you a question.” She giggled.

Your daughter was only 6 years old and to this day she surprised you with her wit and knowledge. She was such a brave little girl, which you were absolutely proud of.

“For me?” Chris pressed his hand against his chest.

She nodded, “will you marry my mommy?” She asked.

You widened your eyes as you felt your body tighten. All eyes were on you, people awing and clapping.

Chris threw his hand out and laughter escaped him.

Your daughter was giggling looking at you then back up to the panel. You wanted to run, far away from that place, but you were scared to make any sudden movements.

“Can we talk to your mom?” Robert asked, flashing a cheeky grin.

You were handed the mic, shaking profusely.

“Did you know about this? Did you put your little daughter up to this?” Robert cackled.

You shook your head, feeling your cheeks burn Crimson as your heart fluttered insanely. “Not at all. Trust me, if I knew this was her evil plan, we wouldn’t be here.”

The cast members chuckled along with the crowd.

“So what you’re saying is you don’t want to marry Chris?” Robert taunted.

You began to panic a bit, the heat radiating off your body. “N-No, I mean yes. I mean-” you let out a long breath. “I don’t even know the guy!”

Robert turned to Chris, a smile forming his lips. “Well, what do you have to say about this kid?”

Chris scratched his nose then shrugged his shoulders. “How about this, how about we get to know each other.” He smirked.

“Woah, are you asking her on a date?” Paul asked, teasing him.

Chris nodded and looked back to you, making your breath hitch. “So what do you say? Will you go on a date with me?” He asked. “Wow, I feel like I’m in high school again.” He chuckled.

You were frozen once again, until Your daughter tugged at your shirt, catching your attention. “Mommy! Say yes!” She exclaimed.

You swallowed hard, hearing everyone chant yes simultaneously.

“Come on, sweetheart. Don’t make the guy beg.” Robert winked.

Taking in a deep breath, your lips curved into a shy smile. “Yes, I’d love to go out with you.”

Everyone, especially the cast members all jumped up and applaud. Chris was a blushing mess as he motioned for you to go over to him on the stage.

The volunteer escorted you over, your heart thudding with every step you took.

He gave you a quick hug, a smile never leaving his face. “Wow, you’re even prettier up close.” He chuckled.

You let out a nervous giggle. “Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.”

Your daughter was in awe, feeling proud of the situation. Chris gave her a high five, and took a picture with her.

“This was the cutest way to get me to go out with you.” He muttered pulling his phone.

You looked down at your daughter who flashed a cheeky grin. “Yea, too bad I didn’t even know about it until you did.”

He shrugged his shoulders, and passed you his phone to put your number in. “But it worked out. I’m going on a date with a beautiful woman.”

You rolled your eyes, dialing your number and letting it call your phone so you had his.

“She likes pasta.” Your daughter muttered.

Chris tilted his head back and laughed. “Thanks for tip.” He winked. “I’ll be sure to take her somewhere Italian.”

Handing him the phone back, you flashed a smile. “You know, you don’t have to do this.”

He slipped the phone back into his pocket, “trust me, I want to.”

“Alright love birds, we have to get this thing going.” Robert exhaled.

Chris gave you a quick peck on your cheek, making your body shiver. “I’ll call you tonight.” He smiled.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Walking back to your seats, your daughter was squealing in excitement. “Mommy! You’re going to marry captain America!”


Requested by @justanotherdeangirl25


All I Wanted


All I Wanted

A/N: there might be a Part 2 if you guys are interested. I kind of left this in a littel cliffhanger. Oops…

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Summary: Reader wants to be closer to Chris. Wants to help support him and his career a bit more but he always seems reluctant to let her. 


It was the day of your boyfriend, Chris Evans, huge movie premiere. You were so excited that it was finally here. Chris had been working so hard on it for almost a year and the work was finally paying off. 

Although that year meant he was hardly home to see or be with you, you still made it work. 

Phone calls everyday. Skype dates. You even took a month off work to surprise him while he was filming! 

You were always the supportive girlfriend. Always there to help him out when he needed. When he needed to talk. To vent. To complain about all the problems of his Hollywood life and just wanted to feel normal. You were his salvation for his hectic life. 

But lately…you’ve noticed some things. Sometimes you werent as supportive as you’d like to be. And that wasnt always your fault. 

You guys have been together 2 and a half years already. You met at a red carpet event for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you attended with your cousin Sebastian Stan. 

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Pregnant!Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: A pregnant Reader waits for Chris to come back home.
Words Count: 948
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: None.

Carrying your seven months baby bump throughout your living room, you took a couple of lighted scented candles and placed them on a corner of the low table, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your house.

As you finally sat on the sofa, getting yourself comfortable, you enveloped a faux fur throw around you and smiled, feeling your baby moving inside as you waited for Chris- your husband to come back home.

He had been away for three weeks, promoting a new movie all around the world while your only contacts were made through late night phone calls and Skype.

Once the airplane had touched down, Chris had called saying he was on his way from the airport and you quickly got everything cleaned and settled to welcome him.

It was like a tradition between you, every time your husband would leave for a while either to film or to promote and after he would cross the threshold of your comfortable home, you would take a day off and relax, cuddling and talking to each other.

Minutes passed with you all alone, yet you didn’t worry as you knew Chris’ cab was probably stuck at the moment. The constant traffic jam around Boston had been irritating you since you’d moved into your new house.

As you wanted to distract you from the excitement of seeing him again, you took your phone to blast some music, placing a protective hand on your belly and you read a book with the same loving smile that seemed to never leave your face.

Sleep weighed on your bones and your breaths slowly grew deeper as you fluttered your eyes shut after a hard day that got you exhausted. Unaware, you lied on the couch, waiting for the love of your life while your mind kept showing the best moments of your long-term relationship with the actor.

You missed Chris hard, especially with your condition as it was the first time- in months he’d been gone for so long. He’d been present to every appointment and important stage of your pregnancy; he had shared your smiles, tears of joy or frustration and kept being adorable even when you weren’t in a usual good mood.

Your husband was more than happy when you’d announced him you would be parents, he’d taken you in his arms and spun you around, giggling like he was back at Disney World and when he’d put you down, a meaningful passionate kiss found your lips.

The fact he was finally expecting a first child brought a whole new perspective to his life and he thought he couldn’t be happier.

The sound of keys and familiar light steps had you awaken quickly, bringing an excited smile to your lips. Yet, you stayed in place, deciding to fake you were asleep as your body fought hard to not jump into Chris’ arms and hum his reassuring natural scent.

“I’m home, sweetheart!” Your husband cried out, only to wince and curse under his breath as he spotted your so beautifully ‘sleeping’ form and his suitcases were quick to fall on the floor.

Chris knelt beside the sofa and ran his fingers through your hair as he placed a longing kiss on your forehead and the same mark of affection found your baby bump.

He brushed a hand over the fabric of your top, murmuring how much he’d missed seeing his wife and future baby. At this moment, you couldn’t erase the beam appearing on your face as he turned his attention back to you and quirked an eyebrow.

“You’ve always been a bad actress, Y/N. Open your eyes,” he whispered in your ear, chuckling, and you only leaned to seal your lips with a first kiss in weeks that felt like the first you had ever shared with him, delivering electrifying shivers to your skins.

“I missed you so much, honey,” you wrapped your arms around his neck, head resting on his shoulder and he smiled, hearing your voice so close to his ears.

“I missed you too,” Chris hugged you tighter, careful to let you breathe. “Both of you.”

His face nuzzled into your neck, taking a deep breath in of your light fragrance that smelled like home. You giggled lightly, feeling his beard ticking your skin and you showered his shoulder- up to his jaw with kisses.

A quiet pause, like time had stopped for your reunion and you kept embracing, reminding you of every little detail of each other’s presence you had wanted to feel, hear or see again.

“You seem tired and tensed,” you looked at his face and rubbed your nose against his pointy one, making him laugh. “Come on, let’s get you comfortable and I could give you a massage… if our baby stops kicking mommy!”

“Yep, dad’s back.” He looked down, laughing again. “Y/N, I’d rather lie in bed with you right now,” he offered instead and you nodded your head, smiling. “All right!”

You squeaked and laughed as he placed an arm under your legs and carried you in a bridal style upstairs- to your bedroom where you both stretched on the mattress. He put his head on your chest, rubbing your bump with smooth and gentle moves as if he was afraid to hurt you or the baby.

“How do you feel?” You asked.

“Better now, it’s good to be back home.” Chris responded, listening to the steady melody of your heart. “I’m not going anywhere, at least until the baby is here. I don’t want to miss anything more.”

“I know,” you dragged your hand through his hair and closed your eyes. “I love you, Chris.”

“I love you too.”

@feelmyroarrrr @gallifreyansass @defendors @ballerinafairyprincess @misschrisevans @always-an-evans-addict @kennadance14 @buckybarnesisalittleshit - tell me if you’d like to be added. :)


Protection (Chris Evans x FemReader) Fluff


(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): Boi this is probably the quickest I have ever made a plot lordy

Request:  33, 48 with Chris Evans

33. Just hold my hand

48. I’m never letting go

Warnings: Yo, protective Chris comes with fluff


Strolling wasn’t uncommon for an New Yorker. Especially both (Y/n) and Chris, walks around town were mandatory.

Even when it was eccentrically hot, as was it today.

Heat bringing jeans lower in (Y/n)’s fancy, she decided on a polite sun dress that she chose because it fit her body type well and she felt settled in it.

Chris went with a cute pair of simple board shorts and a grey t-shirt that had a short v-neckline.

“Look,” (Y/n) cheered softly as the pair passed a fresh fruit stand “These strawberries look like you, Chrispy!”

Chris smiled at the given pet name and turned to look at said berries.

“Oh, and how’s that?” He pondered aloud.

“Sun burnt and shiny with sweat.” the girl laughed.

“Oh ha ha.” Chris mocked and began to walk away “You hurt me in various ways, (L/n).”

“That’s my job, slick.”

She giggled and re-joined Chris on his right side. Her skirt flaring peacefully as she skipped.

It wasn’t long after when (Y/n) started to get uneasy.

“Oh damn, what’s good sexy?”

They both could hear it, and they both knew it was directed towards (Y/n).

“Oooo, nice tits!”

She began to bow her head.

Chris didn’t even give it a second thought before he decided to help. The actor was never around when anyone took the time to attack (Y/n); he kicked himself for that. A thought floated across his mind of what might have happened if he hadn’t been there then and now. He was ultimately appalled.

“Hold my hand.” he whispered to her, kind urgence in his voice. Chris wanted to make this as simple as he could.

“What..?” (Y/n) asked in a solemn tone. She quaintly fixated her gaze on his face.

“Just hold my hand.”

“Alright….” she agreed and tied her hand with his own.

The comments were actually quick to die back. Maybe from the menacing wall upon Chris’s expression; that stayed unknown to the girl.

(Y/n) was really thankful. And honestly, so was Chris.

He had a silent duty where he felt the need to protect (Y/n). He knew in God’s name she was more than capable of being assertive but she was at the same time too kind.

“Chris,” she mumbled and squeezed his fingers in recognition.

“Hm?” he hummed.

“I appreciate what you did back there. A lot.” (Y/n) continued “Thank you.”

“Never thank me for doing my part.” Chris smiled.

You grinned back whole heartedly.

“But your hand, Chrispy.” she commented, looking down at their hands still tied soundly.

“I wouldn’t worry about it, (nickname),” Chris laughed “I’m never letting go.”


(A/n): lmao this is actually pretty shit, wow

February 15 2017


January 15 2017


Soft touches



Request: Hi! Bucky x reader where Bucky has to be touching reader all the time somehow? not dirty but just holding hands or his hand resting on her knee or something because he loves how soft her skin is and he counts her freckles when he’s anxious? or after a nightmare? hehe, something with those in there! I trust you with it. thank you!!

Warnings: perhaps some swearing??

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms


   Bucky mindlessly reached over to (Y/N)’s hand, intertwining their fingers as he kept his eyes glued to Steve, who at the moment was trying to tell the team of Avengers about their upcoming mission. Without a word (Y/N) gently squeezes his hand, smiling softly when they noticed Bucky’s lips quirk up just a bit. 

   Bucky had a little habit of touching (Y/N) 24/7, literally 24/7. It didn’t matter if the team was in the middle of a press conference or on their way to a mission, if Bucky could even touch (Y/N) a bit he would. It could be the simple hand holding, perhaps an arm around their waist, a hand on their knee, more often than not something sweet and intimate and yet simple. 

   Bucky honestly couldn’t pinpoint why he needed to be touching (Y/N) all the time, it was almost like a physical need of his. If he couldn’t touch (Y/N) at least a bit most of the time he’d be thrown into a full blown panic attack, his heart would race, his breathing would shorten considerably, and he could barely even form a singular thought when he was like that. Thankfully (Y/N) was always there to calm Bucky down when he was like that, holding him closely until he was fine once again. 

   They had discovered this little problem when (Y/N) went on a rather rouge mission without telling Bucky. It was impromptu with Nat having only called (Y/N) in ten minutes before they were supposed to leave. (Y/N) of course accepted the mission, thinking that since Nat had described it as a rather easy mission that it would only take a couple of hours and since Bucky was on some new sleeping meds he should’ve slept through the night, oh how wrong (Y/N) was. But they didn’t know at the time that the mission would last a good few hours rather than the stated couple of hours and that Bucky’s medicine would stop working halfway through the night. So with a rather oblivious mindset (Y/N) set off, not even thinking of the consequence of their actions. 

    It only took an hour for Bucky to wake up, groggily reaching out to hold (Y/N) like he did whenever he could but when he was met with only cold sheets he jolted upright, his eyes already scanning around frantically for (Y/N) but they were nowhere in sight. Immediately his dread set in and he all but ripped the sheets from his body as he jumped up, throwing open the door to his room to look out into the hall, hoping (Y/N) had just gotten up to get a snack. But yet again Bucky was met only with the sheer dark of the tower, everyone else nestled soundly in their beds while he was up searching for a recently missing (Y/N). 

   “(Y/N)?” Bucky whispered to the dark, taking a hesitant step out into the hall. “(Y/N) are you here?” But there was no reply. Bucky gulped as he flicked the lights to his floor on, his heart damn near beating out of his chest when he found it empty. 

   Bucky’s first instinct was to panic, curl up on the floor and hyperventilate, while his other instinct was to try to figure this out logically rather than panic. Alas his first instinct one and he began to panic, his heart racing as he sunk to the floor in a puddle of worry. And there he would stay for a few hours until Steve, very concerned over the fact that Bucky hadn’t shown up for training would walk in and find his best friend nearly crying on the floor. 

   “Oh my god Bucky,”  Steve had muttered as he rushed to Bucky’s side, placing a hand on his shoulder lightly. “What happened Buck? What’s going on-” 

   “Hey Bucky, sorry I’ve been gone, Nat called me in for a mission and-” (Y/N) stoped as the door to the elevators close behind them and as their eyes land on the scene unfolding. “Oh my god,” (Y/N) rushed to the men’s side, dropping to the floor beside the two. “What happened to him?” 

   “I don’t know, I just walked in here and I found him on the floor and then you walked in,” 

   “Shit,” (Y/N) muttered as they put a hand on Bucky’s arm, lightly shaking him. “Buck, Bucky, can you look at me?” (Y/N) whispered, hoping their soft tone would spur Bucky on enough to get him to look at them. Slowly, Bucky unfurled from himself and just as he had completely uncurled he was curling up once again, this time against (Y/N). He clung to them for dear life as he nuzzled his scruffy face into the crook of their neck, whimpering softly. 

   “Don’t do that,” Bucky had whispered between his heartbreaking little noises, “Ever again,” (Y/N) shared a look of confusion with Steve as they held Bucky tightly, one hand wrapped around his body while the other rested above his shoulders, their hand gently running through his strands of hair. 

   “What? Go on missions-” 

   “Don’t leave me…please,”

   Since that moment (Y/N) had made sure to always be Bucky’s side, or at least when it was convenient and even if it wasn’t the two would find a way to make it work. 

   It had been an unexpectedly long mission, just like the one that had started all of this touchy feely business. The Avengers had taken an undercover mission, thinking that it would only take a few hours tops but it was seeming to stretch on for quite some time, nearly a whole day to be exact. The team was tired and hungry and most definitely grouchy and on edge, including Bucky too. Not only all that but they were also sleeping out in the forest, in the open for anyone to find them, and it was cold, freezing to be exact.

    The team was all hunkered by their own respectable tree, curling in on themselves in an attempt to warm up. Bucky on the other hand was curled up beside (Y/N), smiling sleepily at them as they happily ran a hand through their hair. Without a single word Bucky lifts a hand to (Y/N)’s face, his pointer finger running along (Y/N)’s nose and cheeks softly. (Y/N) had discovered this was something Bucky did whenever he was anxious or nervous, somehow counting their freckles was always able to calm him down. 

   “You’re never going to count them all,” (Y/N) had whispered sleepily as they cracked one eye open to look at Bucky. “There’s too many,” Bucky merely smiled as he continued to mouth the number he was on, his finger gently tracing along (Y/N)’s skin as he did. 

   “I’m up to 45 right now,” He whispers, his eyes dropping with exhaustion. (Y/N) could only smile as they pressed a sleepy kiss to Bucky’s forehead, allowing their eye to close once again. 

   “Well, tell me when you reach 100,” (Y/N) muttered, allowing the feeling of Bucky’s soft touches to lull them to sleep. 

   Bucky had smile as (Y/N) finally drifted to sleep. He watched the way their chest evened out into a steady rise and fall, the way their lips parted slightly while they slept, how their breath would hit his hand when he’d drag it across their nose. He continued with his little counting game, lightly drifting his finger across (Y/N)’s skin with each freckle he counted. True to his word Bucky finished counting them all, smiling sleepily yet victoriously. 

   “100,” Bucky whispered in (Y/N)’s ear, quietly enough that it wouldn’t wake them. 

    No one even questioned the touches know, in the beginning perhaps they did. After all, it was a bit strange to see the deadliest assassin in history curled up on (Y/N)’s lap, more than content to just nuzzle and burrow against them like some cat of sorts. And while it had been a strange sight at first the Avengers were more than used to it now, in fact it was now strange if (Y/N) was seen without Bucky clinging to them in some kind of way. That’s why Steve didn’t even question it when out of the corner of his eye he saw Bucky reach over and take (Y/N)’s hand. Rather than comment on the unnecessary pda he let it happen, even smiling a bit himself when he saw the way Bucky’s lips quirked up at the small amount of contact. 

December 14 2016

2262 a243

December 10 2016


Just a Dream (Bucky x Reader)


*set in the time of a flashback scene from Captain America: Civil War*

Summary: Sometime in the early 90′s, you are the daughter of the Russian Colonel working for HYDRA. The Winter Soldier is assigned to protect you both. When the new supersoldiers go rogue, your father has the Winter Soldier deliver you to your quarters. He doesn’t know that you and the Winter Soldier are on more than a first name basis.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 8300 (full blown short story)

Warnings: A HYDRA agent for a father, Smut, and angst.

A/N: MY FIRST BUCKY FANFIC!! This probably has the most angst I’ve ever written but that doesn’t say much since I’m usually such a fluffy writer. I’ve seen Civil War three times. The first time I saw it, the scene where Bucky is training the other winter soldiers hit me hard. That scene inspired this fic. I’ve been obsessed with Sebastian for the last couple of weeks. It actually gave me writer’s block with everything else. So here you go! I hope ya’ll like it! Feedback is appreciated!

*most words in italics are being spoken in Russian, unless it’s obvious I’m trying to emphasize the word. Also, I bracketed the translation and spelling of the few Russian words I did include.*


The helicopter drops you off about thirty feet away from the front door to the HYDRA bunker in Siberia. You’re wearing only a leather jacket but you’re used to it, so you brave the cold while punching in the familiar 5-digit code. Your backpack provides an added barrier to the harsh wind.

No one questions you, a young woman in her twenties, walking through the HYDRA lair. Your head is held high and the look you give people is either one of superiority or disdain. In recent years–since you’d started thinking for yourself–you’d come to disagree with everything HYDRA stood for. But who were you to challenge it? You don’t actually work for HYDRA, though you’re trained for combat. That’s what happens when you’re the daughter of a Russian HYDRA Colonel.

His latest project has been overseeing the creation and training of the coveted supersoldiers, chosen from a pool of HYDRA’s elite death squad. The project has been a long and grueling one which has essentially turned him into a handler for the HYDRA Winter Soldiers; a concept which you wholeheartedly disapprove of.

It’s been awhile since you’d been “home.” At least a couple of weeks. Your father had sent you to school in the US and since graduating you’d been travelling. But you could never stay away for long. Not because your father was located here in Siberia, no. You came back because of him. The original Winter Soldier.

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I love this.  Any chance of a sequel?

December 02 2016


Sebastian Stan Romanian interview translation


Narrator: It is 9 A.M. in New York and the city is intensely buzzing. It’s full of people on Manhattan’s streets, an island that has represented the commercial, cultural and financial temple of America for many decades. Millions of souls animated by the noise of the streets, the reflections on the giant buildings and the savor of the coffee sold everywhere flood the arteries of the most cosmopolitan neighborhood of New York. On 428 Hudston Street, a young man is making his way to a coffee shop. (Sebastian saying “Nice to meet you, [formal] hello, Sebastian” in Romanian). He’s wearing a leather jacket but also a cap, to slightly hide his features, and he’s accompanied by a personal assistant. He speaks respectfully and immediately starts a conversation with the manager, an Australian married to a Romanian woman. He introduces himself simply, Sebastian, and he says he lives in the area. (The manager asks Sebastian if he was born in Romania, he says “Yes, I was. I was born in Romania”, both speak English).

Meet Sebastian Stan, the Romanian who, at 34, stars in the coolest Hollywood blockbusters. The world knows him as Bucky, Captain America’s best friend in the superhero trilogy which has brought him a climatic success in the past 4 years.

Sebastian: I like the whole group of people with whom I’m there making the movie very much, because we get along very well and… yeah, what I can say, (in English) it’s a very nice job.

Narrator: In Hollywood, everybody knows he’s Romanian, from his castmates to TV hosts, and everybody he collaborates with wants to hear him speak Romanian. With Sharon Stone, he flirted live in Romanian. He’s sexy, he’s got a million dollar body and he’s pursued by big advertising companies for various spots. In the industry, they say he has a killer smile. Ever since they found out he’s Romanian, more and more people are starting to talk to him in his mother tongue. He has won the admiration of millions of people from around the world, playing the role of the hot, bad guy which confronts almost all American symbols regarding heroes, characters inspired by comics like Iron Man or Captain America. He stars along Robert Downey Jr, Scarlet Johansson, Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Samuel L. Jackson and many other famous actors with whom he shares the sets.

Sebastian: Every time I wake up in the morning and I think that this is my work, what can I say, it feels very… unreal, like it’s just a dream, that someone’s paying me to hit someone else all day.

Narrator: He easily finds his words in Romanian while the conversation keeps playing. It’s not easy for him, seeing that he doesn’t have the chance to speak Romanian in either New York or Hollywood, in the fortress of American movies.

Sebastian: I have to thank my mom, because she… if it were me, I don’t know if I would still be able to speak Romanian. Because when you’re a small kid, you come here and you try to assimilate, you don’t want to be different, you want to fit in. So I have her and I have my dad, I also speak Romanian to him.

Narrator: His parents got divorced when Sebastian was 2, and his dad is still in America but on the West Coast. He visits him when he goes to Los Angeles to film, and he says his parents kept his interest for Romania alive.

Sebastian: I have to go back to Romania. I absolutely have to go back.

Rares Nastase: Do you feel that?

Sebastian: Yes, but it’s also about time. Now that I’m 34, it’s like I think a lot and I ask myself a lot about family and other things, and I have some questions about Romania and how it was during my time there. Because I left when I was 8.

Narrator: It happened in 1990. Sebastian was 8 and living in Constanta. Right after the revolution, his mom, a piano teacher, took him to Vienna, where they lived for 3 years before flying over the ocean to the United States.

Sebastian: It was very early, but I have some memories. What can I say about the communists and that situation, the least I remember is New Year’s Eve, when we had the TV on for the whole night, cause otherwise it we could only watch from 8 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Narrator: In front of a coffee with lots of milk, Sebastian says he’s happy about the success of the commercial movies which brought him fame, but he’d also like to play more profound roles.

Sebastian: Working on something which is about people, about family, about life, about what’s happening, that’s why I sometimes like European movies, because they always ask these questions that we have in life and ask ourselves everyday.

Narrators: And on this subject, he tells us that he’s keeping an eye on Romanian productions. He’s watched a lot of awarded European movies and he wants to collaborate with Romanian producers.

Sebastian: I started watching Romanian movies more and what can I say, I was… they’re better than American movies. I mean, directors like Cristi Puiu and the movies I’ve watched… The latest one was Graduation.

Narrator: He praises Romanians who make movies because talk about realities in the Romanian society, which he’s getting to know too. Romanian movies made him recently realize what his mother went through when she decided to emigrate with him thousands of miles from Romania.

Sebastian: Even if I didn’t grow up there, in Romania, if I haven’t known the situation in the past 10 years, I felt something because maybe I understood my mom better because of that film, the sacrifice, what it means for the kid, the ideas that we have at a certain moment and then how life turns out. Yes, I was very lucky, but I forget. When I was 22-23, I don’t think I was thinking about what it meant for her, after the revolution, to get up and go somewhere she can make money, to get us food. I didn’t ask those questions at 22, but now I look into it and I understand.

Narrator: Charm, ambition and talent is what made him star in Oscar movies. In The Martian, he stared alongside Matt Damon, and in Black Swan he filmed with Natalie Portman. He also stared in musicals and Gossip Girl, always in roles of irresistible men. But, in the most recent Captain America movie, he has a main role and he had lines in Romania after speaking to the producers about bringing up a bit of his natal country.

Sebastian: They knew I’m from Romania and that I was born there, so they did me a favor and wrote the scene so that it’d be in Romanian, because they knew I could speak it.

Narrator: After 18, he worked as a waiter in a Manhattan restaurant, in a time when he said every dollar counted. He was serving tables, but he didn’t give up his dream of playing on big scenes. His first casting was in Vienna when he was 10, and ever since then he was hoping to get to  Hollywood.

Sebastian: When we moved to Vienna, I tried to get into movies because I liked to imitate people, my grandparents.

Narrator: He feels strongly connected to Romania, he tells everyone that he was born in Constanta and he lived in an apartment building in a seaside town, which he visited in 2005.

Sebastian: I went to the beach, it was summer, I celebrated my birthday there in august, it was fantastic, it was very cool. I got the chance to see Constanta differently than when I was 8.

Narrator: He mentions a sad moment which has kept him in recent years from coming back to his hometown.

Sebastian: After mamaia [kind of like nana] died, to be honest it was a bit hard for me to go back because I know that if I go, then I have to go to the cemetery and I have to face what happened. It’s a very special situation.

Narrator: He becomes very serious when talking about his memories from Constanta in the days of the 1989 revolution. He was playing outside when the riot started.

Sebastian: I saw a white Dacia [Romanian car from that time] with about 6 people in it and they were yelling, they were about 20-25, and they had a flag with a hole in the middle.

Rares Nastase: And you remember the revolution?

Sebastian: Yes, and when I saw this car driving fast with the flag with the hole there, I felt… I always remember, that something major, very important was happening. I go on YouTube and I searched for Ceausescu [Romanian communist president who was killed after the revolution] and the helicopter came and he was going to run…

Rares Nastase: What did you think of that image?

Sebastian: I don’t know, but I felt something… I remembered as if the memory was in my muscles, it was in me, it felt like a knife going into me. That voice of his, when I heard his voice, it was… (in English) like it was yesterday. (in Romanian) Like it was the day before yesterday.

Narrator: He is assaulted with love all around the world, and he says he feels his Romanian roots. He’s always funny and careful about public appearances, but he welcomes his fans with smiles, jokes and even hugs. He travels a lot in Europe and Asia and in a lot of American cities to promote his movies. He goes to the gym almost every day, where he has a personal trainer, but he likes to recharge his batteries by walking the streets of New York for hours. He says that the buzzing of the city and the architecture give him a lot of energy.

Rares Nastase: Is celebrity changing you? Do you have to do things differently?

Sebastian: No, I don’t think I have to do things differently, but I realize the idea of time. You feel a bit like you have more responsibility till the end. What are you doing with your time? Okay, you made some money, now what do you do with them? If you want to have fun, you have fun and that’s your life. If you want to do something important, to leave something behind, to have someone ask a question about your work later, after you died… that’s what changed the most, responsibility.

Narrator: Beyond the climatic success, American newspapers have also been talking about his private life, about relationships he’s had. He dated Leighton Meester for a few years, Gossip Girl co-star, then he had a long love story with the Russian Margarita Levieva, with whom he stared in Spread. This summer, however, there were rumors about a breakup between the two of them because of jealousy. Sebastian Stan agreed to also tell us about this aspect.

Sebastian: It’s hard, I mean I always wonder and question how it’s possible for relationships to work in this business. I mean look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. With all the opportunities, all the money in the world, problems are problems. It’s very hard because you leave for a long time, you don’t film in one location. You film in a location here, then you go to a location there for three months, then again, and it’s hard to maintain a relationship. I certainly want to have kids and to get to a point where I could have a family and work on interesting projects with directors whom I admire.

Narrator: He told us what the latest rumors in Hollywood are about good places to film in Eastern Europe.

Sebastian: Lots of movies were going to Budapest and another place, and now there’s something with a tax and all those movies are going to come here.

Narrator: At his mom’s home, in New York, he always eats Romanian food.

Sebastian: With mititei, mamaliga, sarmale [Romanian foods], every Christmas we have sarmale, Boeuf salad, I can never forget that.

Narrator: At 34, Sebastian Stan is recommended by the whole world and he shares blockbusters with quality stars. From Romania, to the country of possibility. From the years of Romanian communism, to the heights of success, he doesn’t forget to be a good Romanian.

Sebastian: An actor’s life in kind of hard, because you’re responsible until the end about what you do. It doesn’t really feel like there’s enough time on this planet.

Narrator: He’s optimistic about Romania. He trusts that Romanians can do beautiful things. He started from the bottom and followed his childhood dream. He hoped and he didn’t give up. He searched and he keeps searching to prove that he has talent. Sebastian Stan shows the whole world that Romanians are special, that they are smart and beautiful and respectful. That they succeed because they have the ambition to follow any great dream, no matter the obstacles.

Sebastian: Thank you, greetings from New York, I’m very glad that I could speak to all of you today and I hope to see you in Constanta or Bucharest.

2295 d258 500

Do As I Say


Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1075

Summary: It’s your week to be in charge of what you and Bucky do. You love him sooo much, but sometimes it’s fun to have him as your personal slave.

As requested by anonymous: Ooooo all those prompts look amazing ummmm ok so a challenge for you use the prompt numbers 34, 39, 53, 55, 76 & 83 for Bucky Barnes. If you can’t do all of them that’s cool but there you go lots of prompts for one man who is all man mmmmmm

Warning: mention of naked Bucky and implied smut

#34: “You work for me. You are my slave.”

#39: “It’s your turn to make dinner.”

#53: “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”

#76: “Please put your penis away”

#83: “Enough with the sass!”

You and Bucky…well…that was a power couple right there. Too powerful. There was this power struggle in the relationship. Both of you saw yourselves as the head of the couple. But that just wouldn’t do. There were often times where you got into arguments about who was in charge. You made a compromise. Each week would be a switch off on who decided to do what. Of course, you didn’t force each other to do anything. No, you weren’t heathens. You both came to an understanding of each other. Five days of the week you or Bucky were in charge. The weekend was your break. This week was your week of power and you were making it Bucky’s own personal Hell.


You evilly rubbed your hands together as you ran and cannonballed onto your shared bed with Bucky thus catapulting him into the air and onto the ground.

He groaned as he stood up, “You know, usually, women like to wake their boyfriends up with a kiss and breakfast in bed.”

“Well tough, ‘cause it’s my week. So that means you’re getting up early to make me breakfast and coffee.”

Bucky grumbled as he picked up his discarded shirt and slipped it on, “You’re lucky I love you so much.”

“Wait!” You called out before he left the room.

“Whaaaat?” Bucky whined.

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I loved this.  I’d love to see the next week when Bucky is “in charge.”

October 23 2016

2313 9833



Favourite Sebastian Stan images [125/?]

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